Behandling og symptomer på rift i skuldersene

Brief overview Therapy: surgical, minimally invasive or open: Connecting the two ends by various techniques; conservative: pain relief, immobilization, then range of motion exercises. Symptoms: Pressure pain and pain at night, restriction of movement in the shoulder, sometimes also in the elbow joint, bruising Causes: Often due to previous damage such as wear and tear, … Behandling og symptomer på rift i skuldersene

Laryngitt: årsaker og symptomer

Brief overview Symptoms: Hoarseness, loss of voice, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, irritable cough, foreign body sensation in the throat, frequent throat clearing. Risk factors: Allergies, chronic heartburn (reflux), crooked nasal septum, strained vocal cords, irritants in the air we breathe, sinusitis. Causes: Infection with viruses or bacteria, silent reflux. Treatment: Rest the voice, avoid spicy … Laryngitt: årsaker og symptomer

Achalasia: Beskrivelse, symptomer

Brief overview Symptoms: Difficulty swallowing with recurrent aspiration, regurgitation of undigested food from the esophagus or stomach, retching, pain behind the breastbone, weight loss. Course of disease and prognosis: If left untreated, symptoms worsen but are easily treatable. Drug therapies often require further follow-up. Examinations and diagnosis: esophagoscopy and gastroscopy, esophageal pre-swallow examination by X-ray, … Achalasia: Beskrivelse, symptomer

CMD: Symptomer, behandling

Brief overview Symptoms: e.g. pain in masticatory muscles or temporomandibular joints, toothache, restricted movement of the lower jaw, cracking or rubbing in the temporomandibular joint; possibly also headache, neck pain, back pain, tinnitus, etc. Treatment: e.g. occlusal splint, dental or orthodontic corrective measures, physiotherapy and osteotherapy; if necessary, medication, psychotherapy, biofeedback, acupuncture. What can you … CMD: Symptomer, behandling

Muggallergi: Symptomer, utvikling, behandling

Brief overview Symptoms: Mold allergy can cause many symptoms, usually affecting the respiratory tract, skin or digestive tract. Causes: Mold allergy is caused by sensitization to different components of the fungus; intensive contact (increased exposure) favors the development of an allergy. Prevention: To minimize contact with mold, provide good air circulation indoors; avoid food with … Muggallergi: Symptomer, utvikling, behandling

Cytomegalovirus: Symptomer, konsekvenser

Brief overview Symptoms: Predominantly asymptomatic infection; in neonates, symptoms include jaundice, retinitis, organ swelling with severe disability as a consequence; in immunocompromised individuals, severe symptoms possible Causes and risk factors: Infection with human cytomegalovirus HCMV (HHV-5); transmission through all body fluids; risk for pregnant women and immunocompromised individuals. Diagnosis: Medical history, based on symptoms, antibody … Cytomegalovirus: Symptomer, konsekvenser

Hælspore: Behandling, symptomer

Brief overview Treatment: Shoe insoles, cold therapy, physiotherapy, shock wave therapy, radiation, anti-inflammatory drugs, surgery Symptoms: Sharp pain in the rear arch of the foot when standing and walking. Diagnosis: On the basis of the symptoms, possibly X-ray examination Causes and risk factors: Overuse (for example, through sports), foot deformities, obesity, shortened tendons. Prevention: warm-up … Hælspore: Behandling, symptomer

Abort: tegn, symptomer

Hvordan kan du gjenkjenne en spontanabort? Ofte er vaginal blødning en indikasjon på spontanabort (abort). Dette skjer imidlertid ikke alltid. Det er også andre tegn som indikerer at en spontanabort er nært forestående eller har skjedd. For eksempel er det ikke uvanlig at en spontanabort oppstår som en periode og skjer før graviditeten ... Abort: tegn, symptomer

Esophageal candidiasis: Terapi, symptomer

Brief overview Treatment: Candida of the esophagus can be treated well with antifungal medication (antimycotics) (active ingredient usually fluconazole). Symptoms: Thrush esophagitis often causes hardly any symptoms. Sometimes it manifests itself as painful swallowing problems, a burning sensation behind the breastbone and/or nausea. Causes: Candida yeast fungi infest and inflame the mucous membrane of the … Esophageal candidiasis: Terapi, symptomer

Hoftedysplasi: behandling, symptomer, årsaker

Brief overview Treatment: control by ultrasound or X-ray, maturation treatment in babies, wide wrapping or spreader pants, “dislocation”: bandaging or plastering, extension treatment in older children, physiotherapy in children and adults, surgery. Causes: Incorrect or constricted position of the fetus in the womb, hormonal factors of the mother during pregnancy, genetic predisposition, neurological or muscular … Hoftedysplasi: behandling, symptomer, årsaker

Sigdcelleanemi: utvikling, symptomer, arv

Brief overview Description: Globular cell anemia is a congenital disorder that usually causes anemia in infancy or early childhood. Causes: Gene mutations that cause defects in red blood cells. Symptoms: Pallor, fatigue, anemia, jaundice, splenomegaly, gallstones. Diagnosis: Physical examination, positive family history, blood test, ultrasound When to see a doctor: Sudden onset of pallor, increasing … Sigdcelleanemi: utvikling, symptomer, arv